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Ephesians 6:4 New International Version (NIV)
Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.





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Raising Andrew: Growing Love, Hope and Faith
Hannah San Diego - Bulanan

I am a mommy to a sweet, handsome, one year old boy named Andrew. He has the most charming smile and brightest eyes I have ever seen. He enjoys playing peekaboo and loves listening to his daddy sing. He may look like your typical toddler,only he is not.

At one week old, Andrew was diagnosed to have a rare genetic syndrome. He was found to be missing 20+ genes because of an interstitial deletion in his chromosome 6p. This deletion resulted in him having symptoms such as a cleft lip and palate, hearing loss, a dilated aorta, a sunken chest, severe laryngomalacia, and low muscle tone..




Bagong Salta*
By Clutchie "Cute" Caputolan

 Ambiguity and anxiety: these were the mixture of emotions I had when I received the appointment letter from the US embassy. I was concerned about the family and friends I would leave behind and the challenges I would face as I moved to a foreign country. 


Praise and Prayer Reports
by Edna Bargan

Dear Balikatan Family,

By the time you receive this newsletter, the Balikatan Board had just concluded our face-to-face weekend Marathon Meetings (Feb. 27 - Mar. 1) in Vacaville, CA. Our gratitude to those of you who suggested meaningful agenda items in addition to the board's priorities. I look forward to giving a summation of all that transpired.

Prayer Items:


The organizational structure of IVCF Philippines is undergoing some critical repositioning, and if you've ever been involved in one - either at work or at church - you must know it involves hard work, pain and sometimes resistance. The end results are always productive and ideal however, especially when the entire process had been submitted to God's purposes and plans. As a result, some of the staff have assumed dual, even multiple roles, without additional compensation! Talking about great sacrifice on top of already remarkable sacrifices. These colleagues include Di Fernandez, Rachel Jentapa, Reinstary Arlegui and Blair Aguil. Meanwhile a Junior Accountant, Josephine Sanchez, was recently hired to help in the very critical function of stabilizing and updating IVCF Philippines' financial systems and records. The rest of the staff members and student leaders continue to serve doubly hard for the Lord's Kingdom Building.

Please take a moment to pray for each of IVCF Philippines' staff workers and GT Volunteers. UpholdChristy Jutare, National Director, as well, as she leads this entire organization in all the refinement it needs to go through. Contact if you'd like to receive more information about individual staff members.



I implore the body to also remember us in your prayers. Very soon, we'll begin implementing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among us to provide succinct and well defined guidance pertinent to our organizational relationships and ministry partnership expectations. This endeavor encompasses our spiritual encouragement of one another, our unity pertinent to our Vision and core values, our ministry priorities both within Balikatan and IVCF Philippines, and our fund raising initiatives.

Although the MOU speaks of Fellowship Groups, Balikatan Members and Friends who are individually located outside of Fellowship Groups are equally as valuable. You are all significant as co-laborers in the Lord's work, and the Board will continue to pursue you, cultivate your confidence and trust, pray for you and seek your wisdom and recommendations on how we should continue to advance Balikatan.
In summary - our prayer items for this month are the organizational refinement of both Balikatan and IVCF Philippines. Our mission remains compelling while the enemy's temptation for complacency is ever increasing. We need to kneel before God as He leads us forward. 
Thank you for your commitment to prayer. 
Edna Eleanor Bargan - Balikatan President  


IVCF 2013 - 2014 Year End Report  

 i4Christ Campaign

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