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IVCF Philippines’ National Director, Ms. Christy Jutare is visiting some of our Balikatan local fellowship groups this November. Come and join our fellowship meetings with the ND by getting in touch with local fellowship group in your area.

If you want to get in touch with Ms. Christy Jutare regarding her visit, please email her at

The Balikatan Board of Directors has officially adopted its BALIKATAN SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY and its guidelines in all matters pertaining to current and future Balikatan social media use, effective September 23, 2014. Please be guided accordingly.



Lessons Learned During Hard Times
by Dan & Valerie Malabonga

Dan: I lost job my job in a Washington, D.C. law firm at the end of 2003, when Philippine business became more difficult to obtain in the aftermath of the 1998 Asian currency crisis, and the economic downturn after 9/11. I was jobless for six months. Consequently, we had to survive on Valerie’s substantially lower salary from a non-profit organization. This experience taught us, the hard way, to trust the Lord for His providence and purposes in the midst of adversity.





Bagong Salta*
By Billy Goco Jr.

 I remember trying to stick my head in the freezer during the summer days in the Philippines when I was a kid and that was the coldest feeling I knew of before landing in Toronto. I arrived on December 2013 which was considered by many as the worst winter in Toronto in 30 years...



Dear Balikatan Family,

I would like to highlight for our introspection and intercession this month the matter of SPIRITUAL REVIVAL in our churches, our larger communities, our families, our individual lives and of course within Balikatan!

It is not unknown to us that these are extremely precarious days when it comes to living our Faith. Here in North America, hostility towards Biblical convictions is increasingly palpable. Why, it is even celebrated and glorified in some circles! And in the guise of not wanting to be offensive, many Christians have become comfortable just being silent or just being busy about all other things - except sharing and demonstrating the Truth of the Gospel Message to others.

What was it they say that has become the MOST effective weapon of the Enemy in stunting spiritual growth and enthusiasm?

The deception that it doesn’t have to happen today (there will always be tomorrow)!

Balikatan, I implore us as a family and individually: there really is no other conviction and no other experience worth living than authentic, resolute, decisive Spiritual Revival.

And truthfully, this needs to happen now.

Let us:

  1. Spend dedicated times of personal and family communion with the Lord through His Word and in prayer, then guard this commitment at all cost.
  2. Commit to full obedience to the Lord. NO, not partial, not circumstantial, not random. FULL OBEDIENCE.*
  3. Think less of ourselves, what is best for us and what is “in it for us”.
  4. Mobilize in tangible, specific, determined ways to impact someone else’s life for Christ.                                                                      
  5. Tell others in the most clear, unambiguous way that Jesus Christ is the Only Way.

Lord Jesus Christ, we kneel before you in earnest prayer.
Please revive our spirits, and challenge us to consistently grow - no matter our life circumstance,
as individuals, as families, as community influencers and as Balikatan.
We need you now more than ever.
For it is in Your Name we pray. 
 (*Inspired by Pastor Lon Solomon’s Message Series on “Massive Spiritual Life”.)

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